Saturday, May 10, 2014


I have been blogging less mainly because I've not had much to say. I'm struggling with my own doubts and fears some days. Other days I am giving thanks for physical improvements while hoping for circumstantial improvements that just don't seem to come. My family is going through an exceptionally difficult season right now, so that is also taking up my energy and time. I am a very private person, mainly because of the stalking and harassment we've been through, so I don't share much of my day-to-day life on my blog. I prefer to keep my writing to my spiritual life, which I try to be open about.

I've been thinking for a while about sharing the natural treatments that have helped me but feel conflicted because A) I am not fully healed, just markedly improved at this point and B) I don't want to come across as giving medical advice or posting something that could harm someone else if they tried it. I've done a lot of experimentation on myself with natural supplements and diet since my medical care hasn't been much help, but I wouldn't really advise someone else do that! :)  I've made a lot of mistakes and paid for them, but ultimately, the past two years of putting myself through it has helped me come out better on the other side. God has provided miraculous healing properties in the plants he has made, and I'm trying to figure out how to use those to continue to heal.

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Groves said...

If you decide you want to share things that have helped you - I would love that. I would not - ever - take it as you trying to give medical advice. Each person has to find their own road.

But for sure, if you feel comfortable to share anything that has made you feel better (even a little)...I am all ears (eyes :).

Thank you for your writing,