Friday, September 5, 2008

the story of my first ipod

So, after a short nap on Wednesday night, I got up at around 1 a.m. and began playing with my new ipod nano! It was very shiny, very green, and very exciting. I also unwrapped my new 8-disc collection of "The Bible Experience" to be the first to load onto my new player.

After I downloaded the most recent version of iTunes, I put in the first CD. I followed instructions for transferring the mp3s, but that didn't work, so I just decided to drag and drop them. Eventually, after several hours of deleting, reloading, and reorganizing, I performed the "synch" but must have "synched" improperly because my playlist ended up starting at Numbers rather than Genesis and completely left off the New Testament altogether. I also had to find the tracks in the recently downloaded list, so I decided to try the whole synch thing again.

iTunes froze approximately 2-3 times during the evening, requiring me to restart my computer each time, since it would not respond to "end task." But finally I had the whole Bible on there and played Klondike 23 times while listening to the first 25 chapters of Matthew, which, upon second thought, was a bit too much all at once.

However, aside from the annoyance of iTunes, there was one pesky little problem. My ipod nano would not rewind. Now, because I'm psychologically scarred by things that are blatantly wrong (like chronic theft, crashing sounds in the house at night, or the smell of cigarette smoke wafting into my bathroom), which I'm forced to tolerate or otherwise listen to people minimize/deny, I tried to tell myself for a while that this was just the way the settings were and that it wasn't really a problem. Then I tried to play with the settings, and realized that, in fact, holding down the back arrow really should rewind and not ignore you and/or take you back 3 tracks. I continued to try to rationalize keeping it, but eventually conceded the glaringly obvious fact that my cute little green player would have to go back to its hometown of iPodia.

So tonight I reset it to factory default settings and got the RMA and shipping label ready to print.

So long, minty green ipod nano. I barely knew you.

I was thinking of buying a classic ipod as a replacement, but upon searching the "infoweb" I found out that new ipods and new ipod nanos will be released by Apple on TUESDAY. Nothing like being the lucky one to buy the old product right before the next version comes out. I hear there will be a price reduction too. So, we'll see what happens.

Ah, Steve Jobs. What will you do next?


Brian said...

In loading stuff onto my iPod that I want to keep in a particular order, I've found that I pretty much have to drag things across one item at a time. Fortunately, it still works okay even if I don't wait for each item to finish before dragging over the next, but it gets kind of irksome at times. :-P

Hope the new 'Pod behaves better!

emily said...

You are so not alone in the iPod craziness!
I have had nothing but problems with my iPod. I've sent it back a gazillion times and they keep telling me nothing is wrong with it. Um, it's not suppose to make clicking noises while it's playing is it? I have been so frustrated!
They sent me a refurbished one, which really made me mad! Send me a new one for Pete's sake--especially after all of this hassle. And lo and behold, does the 'new' one do the same thing? Yeppers. I have a 2006 generation iPod...and I sure hope they've fixed this darned clickign problem in new generations!
I can't believ you got a 'lemon' too with your cute new nano!
Tuesday for new ones eh? Interesting.
Can't ever keep up with technology.

Sarah said...

I love when technology gets the best of us. I suppose it did make for entertainment, in the end - just not the kind of entertainment you were hoping for. You'll laugh later, really.